"Celebrating our heritage Culturally, spiritually and academically, our region is the epicentre of the world. From the first known civilisations and agriculture, to the rich history of the Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Nabataeans, or the evolution of mathematics, the Middle East has arguably given more to humankind than any other region. It’s no wonder our lands are rich with ancient monuments, art and architecture. Yet we are also blessed with a wealth of heritage in our wildlife, our stories, our values and our ways of life.

It’s this pride in who we are and where we come from that has inspired the creation of Image A Nation. The vision is simple: finding our region’s brightest artists and artisans to document our culture – old and new. Social scenes, architecture, feelings – whatever defines the people and passions across our lands. Whatever reflects the times and spaces in which we live.

From new angles and original perspectives, each item is a bespoke and polished piece of creativity – a frozen moment of time that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, then passed onto the next generation."